Explore the Ocean World, LLC Oceanarium & Touch Tanks

The mission of our facility is to educate visitors about the importance of the estuarine and oceanic ecosystems of the New Hampshire coast, while providing a unique opportunity to view and touch sea animals that they may never otherwise encounter. Our intent is to improve public awareness of the Gulf of Maine’s natural wonders, help visitors to fully appreciate New Hampshire’s remarkable natural resources, and to foster a stewardship for seacoast and its environment.

The center contains multiple exhibits focusing on the Gulf of Maine and the precarious balance between human use and healthy ecosystems. Visitors learn about the Gulf of Maine ecosystem and the local fishing industry it supports. The center contains a refrigerated aquarium with invertebrates from the coast and deep-ocean, while also providing hands-on touch tanks. In addition, multimedia exhibition and displays are present, augmented with live presentations and dried specimens to touch and examine.