2021: Parade Daily Magazine, 50 best beach towns
2021: Forbes Magazine, World’s Most Beautiful Beaches #6 https :/ /bigseventravel. com/best-coastal-towns-united-states/
Open Bathrooms Marine Memorial Bathhouse (A St.) open year round from 7:30am-7pm North Beach Bathhouse (High St.) open year round from 8:00am-6:30pm South Pavilion Bathhouse (F St.) open year round from 7:30am – 8:00pm **If you have any problems or questions about restrooms please call the NH State Parks at 603-926-8990 When do the stores/restaurants/arcades...
—— LEGAL NOTICE SUPERVISORS OF THE CHECKLIST HAMPTON BEACH VILLAGE DISTRICT HAMPTON, NH The Supervisors of the Checklist of the Hampton Beach Village District will meet at the Village Hall located at the Brown Avenue fire station on the following dates for the purpose of registering new voters and updating of the present checklist. Thursday,...