Justin Gordon – Groveland, Massachusetts

I remember watching Justin sculpting in sand what seemed like decades ago, oh wait it was, and wishing I could be like that! He’s been carving since 1974 and sculpting sand since 1978 during college summers. He started sculpting professionally in 1991 after a lay off from his engineering job. He now sculpts in ice, snow at ski areas, wood, including chain saw tree carvings for Story Land, wax for the jewelry industry and bronzes, foam, clay, stone, sand, pumpkins, and chocolate. Sand sculpting has taken Justin to Taiwan, Kuwait, Oman, the Caribbean, BC and Quebec, Canada, and throughout the US. Locally, Justin also does the 50 ton sand sculpture at the Topsfield Fair. He now concentrates mostly on carving custom clock cases, architectural carvings, fine sculptures, and period gun stocks. www.ElwinDesigns.com