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The fun starts Thursday, June 10, 2021 when 200 tons of imported sand is dropped on Hampton Beach and the “Grady Bunch” starts pounding up the sponsor site. The entire area will be on display and is illuminated for night viewing through June 27th.

Watch Greg Grady and “The Grady Bunch” build a mammoth Sand Demo Site. View all entries on line at this website. The competition is by invitation only. The event is funded by the Hampton Beach Village District and Sponsors, in cooperation with The Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce and The NH Division of Parks. T-shirts will be on sale in limited supply across from the Seashell Stage at BZ Beach Supply.

2021 Sponsor Site Theme: “Sand, Sun and Fun 2021”

Schedule for 2021 Hampton Beach Sand Sculpting Classic:
Featuring 10 World Class Sand Sculptors

Over $25,000 in Purse and Entry Awards
Thurs. June 10 –
200 Tons of Imported Sand dropped on Hampton Beach
Fri. – Mon. – June 11-14 – Massive 100 Ton Sponsor Site Created
Tues. June 15 – Sponsors Grand Finale with a Master Group Carve.
Weds. June 16 – Masters Pound Up and Sponsor Sculpture Viewing
Thurs. Fri., & Sat., June 17-18-19 – 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Master Solo Competition
Sat., June 19 – Judging and People’s Choice Award Voting, 1 – 3 p.m. Come vote for your favorite!
Saturday Night, June 19 – Awards Ceremony, 7 p.m.

The $25,000 in purse and entry awards will be distributed as follows:
1st Prize – $6,000
2nd Prize – $4,000
3rd Prize – $3,000
4th Prize – $2,000
People Choice – $1,000
Sculptor’s Choice – Medal

T-Shirts on sale in limited supply across from the Seashell Stage at BZ Beach Supply!

with Darlene Duggan  —  Friday and Saturday June 18 & 19, 1-3 p.m.

Limited space. Sign up required the day of lesson, starting at noon June 18th & 19th on site. Ages 8 to 80 only, & must be accompanied by an adult if under age 13.

Darlene Duggan – Massachusetts:
To take a vacation from work and come to the beach to teach people how to play in the sand takes a special kind of person. Stop by and say hello to Darlene if you happened to miss her these past 20 years at Hampton Beach…..Thanks sis. Be sure to check out all her art and life’s passions at

The entire area is illuminated for nightly viewing thru June 27th.

Looking to sponsor?

Sand Sponsor Application 2021

Sponsors should call Greg at 603-548-6002 or email him at

Looking to volunteer?

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– Become a part of this world renowned event by signing up!
– Requires a minimum of “Three – 3 hour shifts”  to qualify for the full benefits.
– Limited number of positions available and please remember we are rain or shine.
– Thank you all for your support and time!

Volunteers should call Greg at 603-548-6002 or email him at

…all the volunteers, the Community, the State, and Officials, and of course our Sponsors. It takes over 200 tons of imported sand – and a heap of volunteers to produce a successful World Class Master Sand Sculpting Classic each June at Hampton Beach.

Just Part of the Volunteer Crew from 2020:

The Annual Hampton Beach Sand Sculpting Classic is a joint effort of the entire Hampton Community. Special thanks to the Town of Hampton, Board of Selectman, Police, Fire, and Public Works Departments. This event is funded by the Hampton Beach Village District and supported by their Commissioners: Chairman Chuck Rage, Maureen Buckley and Bob Ladd in cooperation with the Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce President John Nyan and their entire staff as well as the event organizer and local Master Sculptor Greg Grady.

A special thanks to the State of New Hampshire; Sarah Stewart Commissioner of Department of Natural and Cultural Resources; Phil Bryce Director of Parks and Recreation; Meredith Collins Seacoast Region Supervisor and all the staff at Hampton Beach State Park.
Additional thanks to: Senator Nancy Stiles, Bobby and Sue Bowles, JB’s Seafood, Bill O’Brien, David Gooch, Richard Reniere, Martha Lardent, John Joynt, Barbara Brow, Terry Smith, Christina Rodgers, Bob Desrosiere, Eileen Daboul, Terry Parker, Tom & Missy Lackey, Jean O’Neil, Lyn Addison, Ann Marie McLaughlin, Bob & Mary Martell, Marilyn Macintosh, Steve LaBranche, Glen French, Bob Fitzpatrick, Bob Preston, Dee Hawley, Ken Lessard, Betty Boyington, Ryan & Joe Porcaro, John Kane, Denise Brown, Lisa Martineau, Jo Bisbing, Karen Brown, Patricia Roberts, Janice Muscarella, Jim and Danielle Valley, Amanda Boyd, Kylie and Dakota Gosselin, Darlene Grady, Carissa Porcaro, and Ryan Ziebart, our sincere apologies to anyone not mentioned….Thank you!

Hampton Beach Sand Sculpting Competition Announces Winners

2021 Sand Sculpting Winners:

1st: Abe Waterman – “empty”
2nd: Melineige Beauregard – “Rebirth of Phoenix”
3rd: Karen Fralich – “Poker Face”
Thomas Koet – “Multiple Piercings”
People’s Choice: Melineige Beauregard – “Rebirth of Phoenix”
Sculptor’s Choice: Chris Guinto – “Continuum”

Sculptors wow crowds at 21st Annual Hampton Beach Sand Sculpting Classic

HAMPTON, NH – June 19, 2021 – This week, the Hampton Beach Sand Sculpting Classic is celebrating its 21st anniversary. Sand Sculptors, who had not sculpted since early in 2020 were back at it, a little rusty (according to some of them) but all were happy to be working for one of the first times since Covid-19 paralyzed the world and left the sand sculptors without any competitions to stretch their creative minds.

If they were one of the ten fortunate sculptors who were invited to Hampton Beach in 2020 they did have one opportunity. Although the event was moved from June to September, the Hampton Beach Sand Sculpting Classic did take place.

With the help of Governor Sununu and the state, as well as the support and encouragement of the Hampton Beach Village District, Hampton Beach’s Sand Sculpting Classic became the only competition worldwide to overcome many obstacles to ensure that the tradition would continue – despite the pandemic. In part, the volunteers required visitors to maintain social distancing and mask wearing during close-up viewing of the sand sculptures, and the visitors complied. It was such an exciting experience that New Hampshire’s governor even stopped by to help with judging.

This year, the competition, which is the only Sand Sculpting Competition held in North America during 2021, returned with some of the top sculptors in the world. This took the contest to a whole new level, with creativity (and competition) at some of the highest levels seen in years. “Nearly every piece was doubled-sided this year, which, although it wasn’t a requirement, points are always given when both sides are completed. So, this was a step up, adding to the challenges they already face,” said Lisa Martineau, co-marketing director of the Hampton Beach Village District. “It raised the level of difficulty. They have only 24 hours over three days to complete their sculptures,” said Martineau. To add to that, some of the sculptors described feeling out of practice, while others used their downtime to stir up their imagination, aweing audiences with phenomenal, creative and inspiring pieces of art.

The first place winner was Abe Waterman from Prince Edward Island, Canada. His sculpture, titled “empty” (with a lower case “e”) featured two faces, a double-sided piece that was over 10′ tall with connecting tears spilling from the eyes on either side. On each side there was also a figure; on one side, a male with his head in his hands. On the other side, a female laying in a fetal position. Waterman explained that the sculpture represented the feelings of sadness he experienced from a breakup with his wife. “They are separated, but they are united through the tears,” Waterman said. “It’s a sentiment I still feel from time to time.”

Mélineige Beauregard, from Montreal, Canada, who was the reigning champion, winning first place two years in a row in Hampton, fell into second place with the sculpture “Rebirth of Phoenix.” The intricately detailed, two-sided sculpture, not only received accolades by the judges, but from the crowd too. Beauregard walked away with the highly-coveted “People’s Choice” Award.

Third place went to Karen Fralich from Toronto, Canada created an very thoughtful and difficult two-sided sculpture titled “Poker Face.” As Karen explained it, on one side the man had his poker face on as he held up a losing hand of cards and a different face on the other side. As Karen described it, on the front side, it shows “what the guy is trying to portray to his opponents but what he’s really thinking is on the other side. He’s all tough and fierce on the front, but when you go to the other side, he’s…scared because he has an absolutely awful poker hand.” Fralich explained. The sculpture’s complexity was in the ability to show both sides of the hand of cards, which involved separating the piece in an integral part of the sculpture.

Fourth place was the sculpture “Multiple Piercings” by Thomas Koet from Satellite Beach, FL. This piece was thoroughly detailed, with a woman holding a pierced heart while cupid hovers above. Koet wanted to leave the thought to the viewer. “We don’t know if it’s her heart or someone she is after. I leave it up to you to decide when you see it,” Koet explained. There is also a face gazing at the scene above. “The face is also a big question mark, “Koet said. “Is this a former lover? Is it somebody she’s missing? So I like for people to make their own mind up.”

Last year, Hampton Beach raised the prize and entry money from $15,000 to $25,000, making it one of the highest prizes around the world. Each sculptor is paid a $1,500 stipend for the week, to encourage them to participate in building the sponsor site. First prize is a substantial $6,000, with 2nd prize bringing in $4,000, 3rd prize is $3,000, and 4th prize takes home $2,000. Additionally, the People’s Choice Award is $1,000. The Sculptor’s Choice is a prestige award, with no dollar amount but the acknowledgment and respect of his or her peers.

The Sculptor’s Choice Award was given to Chris Guinto from Key West, FL. His piece, called “Continuum,” represented the cycle of life and featured a complex and expertly created skull that even featured a cut-through, a difficult feature that judges do look for. Chris told WMUR News that this event at Hampton Beach is, “The best event hands-down. I have done this all over the world and this one is my favorite.”

Judges work on a points system which include the “Wow” factor, the difficulty of a piece, and whether they included features like cut-throughs, which make the piece more easy to experience a collapse.

Other sculptures included “Once Bitten,” a scene from the garden of Eden, with a serpent and an apple with a bite taken out of it. The piece was made by Greg Grady, Jr. from Derry, N.H. Dan Belcher from St. Louis, MO creating a piece called “Laugh,” a two-sided piece that captured one emotion very well: Laughter. John Gowdy from Atlantic City, N.J., who replaced a sculptor from Russia who was detained at the airport and not allowed to enter the country at the last minute, created “Behind Every Successful Man – There is a Strong Woman,” another two-sided piece of a man in the front, with a woman on the back. Carl Jara, a Hampton Beach favorite from Lyndhurst, Ohio, who has been present at every year of the Hampton Beach Sand Sculpting Competition, created “Pulled,” while local favorite Justin Gordon from Groveland, MA created a sentimental piece titled, “Miss You, My Friend.”

The theme for this year’s 100-ton sponsor site was “Sand, Sun and Fun 2021.” It featured a sun holding sand castles, humpback whales, and an almost life-size “Lady of the Sea” monument, like the one found on the north side of the beach.
The sculptors carved over three days, from June 17-19, to complete their own private sculpture using 10 tons of sand. Voting took place and awards were given out on Saturday, June 19 with an Awards Presentation, which was held on the Seashell stage at 8 p.m.

The sculptures will remain on display through June 27th, and will be lit for night viewing.

For additional photos of the winning sculptures, please visit Hampton Beach “Official” Facebook page.

1st: Abe Waterman – “empty”

2021 Sand Sculpture Gallery

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