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Hampton Beach Village District Monthly Meeting
Monthly meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM
Regular monthly meeting held in the Precinct Hall, upstairs at the Beach Fire Station.

Hampton Beach Village District: Statutory Deadlines for the 2020 Annual Meeting

Based on a review of the applicable New Hampshire statutes, below is a listing of the “Important Deadlines” and “Checklist Issues” and the “drop dead” deadlines for all posting, notices, etc.

ANNUAL MEETING TO BE HELD: March 27, 2020 (RSA 52:12)

IMPORTANT DEADLINES (Elections/Warrants):

1. Candidacy filing period for district: February 12 – 21
(RSA 670:4; RSA 669:19)
2. Last date to accept voter warrant articles: February 25
(RSA 39:3)
3. Last date to post warrant: March 13 (RSA 39:5)
4. Last date to accept absentee ballots: March 27, 5 P.M.
(RSA 670:6; RSA 669:29; RSA 657:22; and RSA 657:21-a, V (exception for emergency service workers)


  1. Last day to post checklist and publish notice in newspaper                         February 4 or Internet of February 11 session for checklist corrections. This notice should include the day, hour and place of session. (RSA 669:5; RSA 654:27)
  2. Supervisors must hold session for corrections of checklist. (RSA 669:5) February 11, 7:00 – 7:30P.M.

Note: Discretion of the supervisors for extended hours.

3. Last day for supervisors to post checklist at District Hall and March 7 or 14 publish notice in newspaper for March 14 or March 21 session to correct checklist. This notice should include the day, hour and place of session and that hours may be extended at discretion of supervisors. (RSA 669:5; RSA 654:27)
4. Supervisors must hold session for corrections to March 14 or 21 checklist.               (RSA 669:5)

View the Hampton Beach Village Precinct Minutes and Agendas.

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